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JASON SULLIVANN - green bicyclE music


WELCOME! To the official website of independent Composer and Arranger Jason Sullivann. This is an "information hub". In it you will find a catalogue of Mr. Sullivann's works, including some brief descriptions and links to sites where they are available. Jason has been composing and arranging for several years. However, he has never really been a full-time composer. There have been many day gigs. Also, as one might expect, some challenging life situations and events, especially in the past few years. He enjoys and supports many different styles of music. Where listening is concerned, he can honestly say "I like a little bit of everything." Hopefully one day this site will include a listing of the contents of his old-school mixtapes. But for now, there will only be a brief bio and message about composing. Enjoy!

Highly Eclectic - Slightly Eccentric



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Hi. I'm in my mid-50s. I was born in America. I've never lived East of the Mississippi, although I have been fortunate enough to see both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. I went to public K-12 schools. I also enrolled in a private university, but unfortunately the conclusion of that experience was a bit awkward. My approach to composition is a combination of both self-taught and academically administered techniques. I have several years experience in accompanying, especially for instruments. This introduced me to many styles and genres of music. I emulated styles and forms from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods in my early compositions, including Christian hymns, which are common in music theory studies. I have been fortunate to have modest premiers of a few of my compositions.

Do I have a personal message about composing music? Not really. I like it. I also like music the most of all the arts. I deeply respect skilled composers and want to help support contemporary music and musicians. But I have also become acutely aware of the belligerent machinations and constant political flattery and backstabbing of the "music industry" and Show Business in general. This has caused an accumulation of cynical feelings. These must be balanced with many other impulses. I hope to continue writing music in various styles, especially chamber music, and to encourage other composers and performers.

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