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FANFARE NO. 1 - Trombone Octet (6 Tenor, 2 Bass)

A short Fanfare for Trombones. This is for Intermediate

players, about Grade 3. One of two pieces like this, donated

to Free-Scores and dedicated to the International Trombone Association.

FANFARE NO. 2 - Trombone Octet (6 Tenor, 2 Bass)

A short Fanfare for Trombones. This is approximately

Grade 3 difficulty as well, but the range is slightly higher.


A short etude for playing in frequent meter changes. It is for

intermediate players, about Grade 3. Only medium and low register.


WE MISS YOU DANIEL - instrumental song for Violin (or Flute) and Piano

This piece is Grade 3 for younger and/or less experienced players.

It is dedicated to the people of Newtown, CT and the Sandy Hook

Promise Foundation.

BASE SEVEN - Concert piece for Bb Trumpet Septet

for Advanced Players. This piece is dedicated to!

A musical and mathematical contemplation of the number seven.

FOLK SONG: In Memoriam Philando D. Castile (1983-2016)

- Original Version for Trombone Quartet

- Version for Trombone and Piano

-Version for Two Low Brass and Organ

- Version (Concert Transcription) for Solo Trombone and Woodwind Ensemble

MEMORIAL FANFARE FOR THE DALLAS FIVE - for Brass octet and (optional) Percussion


VIGNETTE - for Piano

THE ROSE OF TRALEE (arrangement) - for Two Pianos/Piano Duet

The Following arrangements are posted under the pen-name ALBERT N. MOUSE:

HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION (arrangement) - for Piano Quartet (opt. Flute instead of Violin)

DIADEMATA - version for WW and Brass octet

DIADEMATA - version for WW octet

THREE HYMNS (arrangement) - version for Soprano, Violin, and Piano

THREE HYMNS (arrangement) - version for Voice and Organ

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